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About Fluicity

Fluicity is a web platform & app that allows personalized information, efficient interaction fascilitatingthe relationship between the citizen and their representatives.

• to re-engage citizens in the community we need to start informing them better. Fluicity provides a local and realtime newsfeed on everything that happens in your neighborhood. The news is generated by multiple actors: Mayors, NGOs, Private players and local media
• Citizens are tired because they think their opinion has no impact. Fluicity allows you to talk directly with your local government: the mayor can ask you some questions, you can propose your ideas and the municipality gets back to you with some concrete answers
• Finally we offer municipalities the possibility to better understand their citizens using big data tools: measurable, reliable and actionable data.

The platform is neutral, independent and protects personal data on secured servers.

Key info
Founded in:
50% employees
50% employees
Julie de Pimodan
Founder - CEO

Fluicity emerged from a simple fact: European democracies are going through a hard time and the numbers speak for themselves. In France, 40% of the electorate did not go vote in the last local elections, a record high which hit young people the hardest with a 61% abstention rate.

If this "democratic deficit" has multiple, complex reasons, there are also major consequences that could be disastrous for the future.

It is therefore on a local level, concerning real, everyday matter, that we hope to make people want to participate again, to get involved in building a public space.

53, rue du Caire, Paris, 75002, France